Brody Jenner Is Bringing His Sex Show To E!

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Brody Jenner has been the subject of a lot of rumors lately, but at least one of them is true: he's a sex expert.

Well, a self-proclaimed one, anyway. The reality star and stepbrother to the Kardashians is about to launch his podcast into a full-fledged television series called Sex With Brody, which will be a round table discussion about all things coital.

"I created it and produced it. It's a mix between Howard Stern, though more PG-13, with Loveline. We have a sex therapist and a female comedian and myself. And I'm the sex expert. I guess I'm a self-proclaimed sex expert. I'll go with that," Jenner said.

Brody spoke out recently about the spate of rumors concerning him and girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter, saying that although they've been together for a year and a half, they aren't planning a wedding just yet.

“Actually, in the past six months, I read we got engaged a few times. That’s all just a bunch of B.S.,” he reveals. “We’re together and we’re enjoying life, and that’s it. But right now there’s no talk of marriage.”

Brody has also been linked to rumors concerning his dad, former athlete Bruce Jenner, and the alleged transition he's undergoing. Bruce will appear on a special with Diane Sawyer later this month, where he reportedly goes in depth about the process, but Brody hasn't commented specifically on his father's condition.

"Everything is going great with the family. Everybody's very happy. Everybody's living life. And it's a great time for all of us. Everything's really great," Brody said.

Meanwhile, Brody's sisters Kylie and Kendall have been in the news, as well; Kylie for the rough time she's having living with mom Kris Jenner, and Kendall for her successful modeling career and reported dalliance with Justin Bieber; the duo were spotted together at Coachella last weekend.

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