Brittney Griner Denied Marriage Annulment, Judge Rules In Favor Of Glory Johnson

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The annulment request filed by Brittney Griner against her soon-to-be ex-wife, Glory Johnson, has been denied by an Arizona judge.

According to People magazine, “The court decision effectively enforces Griner's position as the couple's breadwinner, since Johnson has taken a year off from the court to carry twins – a pregnancy that Johnson, who plays for the Tulsa Shock, announced on June 4, one day before Griner filed to annul the 28-day marriage.”

Griner filed the annulment case claiming that the marriage was "void based on fraud and duress,” according to a report by the New York Times.

In an interview with People, 24-year-old Griner revealed that she tried to cancel the wedding. She said she felt she made a mistake marrying Johnson.

On the other hand, Johnson said that she was thankful that the annulment request was denied. She admitted in People magazine that the two of them made life changing decisions which made an impact on their lives as a couple.  Furthermore, she honestly felt that both of them “should be held responsible for those decisions.”

According to recent reports, their relationship started to face problems after Johnson had been accused of having an affair with a boyfriend. Afterwards, the two WNBA stars were arrested for physically assaulting each other. The incident led to the WNBA suspending Johnson and Griner for seven games.

After the court decision, Johnson poured out her feelings on social media.  On her Instagram, she posted a photo that said, "Lying is done with words and also with silence." She further explained her situation in the caption and denied all rumors that she cheated on her wife.

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