Brittany Murphy’s Father Is Crying Foul Over Lifetime Biopic

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Angelo Bertolotti, father of the late actor Brittany Murphy, is reportedly furious about the biopic about his daughter that aired on Saturday, September 6 on Lifetime. He is apparently upset that no one from the production of The Brittany Murphy Story had approached him or her family for their input when they made the movie.

“I am disgusted and outraged that Lifetime decided to produce such a trashy project, defiling the memory of my beautiful, talented daughter, Brittany Murphy,” said Bertolotti to the Examiner.

Bertolotti previously told that he intended to sue Lifetime. “Frankly, I am amazed at their audacity of calling it ‘a true story’ without conducting any research. The Brittany Murphy Story is an affront to everything my daughter was in real life. It’s hideous, unauthorized and completely untrue,” said Murphy’s father.

He also criticized the movie for its casting choices, calling them “atrocious” and saying actor Amanda Fuller “looks absolutely nothing like [Murphy]”. Bertolotti is reportedly cyberbullying Fuller by tweeting and retweeting many comments about the actor being too fat to play his daughter.

“He can say what he wants,” Fuller said in an interview with The “He has already gone and attacked me on Twitter and I have had to block him and that is fine. He can do what he wants. But I just think it is interesting that the minute she is back in the press he is all about, ‘I am going to sue’ and all that stuff. If he really respected his daughter's memory then I don't know if he would be trying to make all this controversy about it. Let her rest in peace.”

The Brittany Murphy Story explores the life of the actress who died in 2009 at the age of 32 due to what the coroner ruled was a combination of pneumonia, an iron deficiency and “multiple drug intoxication.” It details the rise of Murphy’s career, the circumstances of her death and explores Bertolotti’s claims that his daughter had been poisoned.

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