Brittany Kerr No Longer the Other Woman, But Will Fans Forgive Her?

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Brittany Kerr and Jason Aldean are finally married. To them, it's not that big a deal. They've been together for a while. But to onlookers and naysayers, maybe finally tying the knot will put the chatter to bed.

Brittany Kerr was on the red carpet with her man at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards over the weekend. When asked about how married life was treating them, Aldean was laid back.

"So far, so good, man. We're like a week and a day in. We're still at it so I guess that's a good thing,"

"We were already living together and it kinda felt like we were married anyway," he said. "We were kind of living the married life anyways so for us it was kind of just going through the formalities of it all. It was nice to do that and kind of make it official. It's been a good week."

Brittany Kerr and Jason Aldean have caught a lot of flak for their relationship. Brittany Kerr was maligned as “the other woman” for quite a while after Aldean left his wife and mother of his kids to be with her.

Brittany Kerr and Aldean were spotted nuzzling it up in a bar in 2012. In early 2013, Aldean split from his wife. The two have been together ever since. But there has been near-constant criticism.

Back in September, Aldean had had enough.

"It has been two years of this shit -- get over it, already!" he said in a Billboard interview. "And then when I finally do get enough of it and say something, every newspaper grabs it. And I'm not trying to get in the headlines -- I'm just trying to get people to stop running their mouths."

"I'm pretty private, but over the last couple of years I've gotten that taken away from me, which kind of pissed me off. You know, my kids get on there and read all that. I'm not blaming anybody. Obviously, a lot of that stuff is my own deal. But I could go post something on my page right now that says, 'Hey, we just donated $5 million to a children's cancer research center,' and somebody would get on there and go, 'You're an asshole cheater.'"

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