Brittany Fogarty Explains Why She Was Banned From Big Ang’s Memorial

Brittany Fogarty is devastated and with good reason – she had been banned from attending the funeral of Angela “Big Ang” Raiola.

Big Ang, who was a breakout star from Mob Wives and went on to star in her own show, passed away in the wee hours of February 18 after battling Stage IV lung and brain cancer. She was 55 years old.

Fogarty and Raiola apparently had a rather close mother-and-daughter-type relationship. The 25-year-old reality show newbie joined the cast of Mob Wives on its 6th and final season last year, and she and Raiola were said to have hit it off immediately.

According to Us Weekly, Brittany Fogarty was on her way to see Big Ang when she received a call advising her not to attend the memorial service.

“I was called on Saturday, by a mutual friend, and told not to attend the services because of something my father did,” said Fogarty. “I was in my car heading over and pulled over and started hysterically crying.”

The animosity towards Fogarty can be traced back to more than two decades ago, when her parents, Andrea Giovino and John Fogarty, revealed the identities of fellow mobsters in order to strike a deal with federal authorities and avoid jail time. The government relocated the entire Fogarty family from Staten Island, New York to Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Brittany Fogarty Talks About Her Family’s Mob Ties and Being Close to Big Ang

Despite her family history, Brittany Fogarty insists that Big Ang accepted her for who she was and never judged her. She also believes that Big Ang would not have turned her away at the memorial service.

“Ang never judged me for the actions of my father. The fact that he cooperated with police never influenced her opinion of me, and I loved her for that…,” Fogarty said.

She posted a lovely photo of herself with Big Ang on her Instagram page, accompanied by a touching message.

“You will be forever missed and never forgotten. Thank you for always being there for me, I will forever cherish all of the memories and laughs we have shared together and all that you have taught me. Love you.”

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