Britney Spears Reportedly Wants What She Used To Have With Kevin Federline

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Britney Spears nearly broke the internet earlier this week with her dazzling appearance at the ESPY Awards, but she's also making headlines for another reason: according to a source at OK! Magazine, Spears is looking for love again, and it's a very specific kind.

The source says that Britney, who is just coming off a breakup with Charlie Ebersol, is looking for what she used to have with Kevin Federline. Namely, she wants to wear the pants in the family.

“Britney wants what she had with Kevin in the early days. She loved the fact she could mold him a certain way; he wasn’t in the business; he depended on her and she called the shots with the finances and in public," the source said.

It was rumored over the course of the couple's relationship that Britney handled the finances and ruled the roost, but the couple eventually parted ways after sharing two children together.

Spears had the web buzzing earlier this week with her appearance at the ESPY Awards, where she rocked a revealing silver dress with black fringe and tanned, lean legs. She was there to present the award for Best Female Athlete to UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, and took the stage with footballer J.J. Watt for a bit of flirtatious back-and-forth.

"You know Britney, when I was younger, 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' was very inspiring to me," Watt said.

"Aww J.J. that’s so sweet. Did it make you want to put some huge hits on opposing quarterbacks?" Britney Spears asked.

"No. It showed me that I could be strong in the face of loneliness. I have levels, Britney. I get subtext. I’m a very soulful person."

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