Britney Spears Proffers Advice to Teens That Parents Might Not Like

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Britney Spears appeared at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday her two sons and her nieces in tow. Accepting her award for being a Teen Choice 'style icon,' she proffered some advice to teens during her acceptance speech that not every parent will appreciate.

"Fashion has always been something I've loved to experiment with. It gives us all a chance to express ourselves and our own personalities and to shine in our own way," Britney Spears said during her surfboard speech. "To all the teens out there watching, be fearless in your choices and don't be afraid to be yourself."

Had Britney Spears told teens to be fearless in their creative or educational endeavors, then parents likely would applaud her wholeheartedly. But teens who are told by Britney Spears to be fearless in their fashion choices might opt to look to her as a fashion example.

Therein lies the problem. Even though Britney Spears is mom to two young boys, she is known for her rather skimpy mode of dress--often off the stage as well as while she's performing. Moms and dads of pre-teen or teenage girls likely don't want their daughters dressing like Britney Spears.

Of course in this crazy world of media hype, kids are exposed to all sorts of things their parents wish they didn't hear or see. Advice from Britney Spears might run right off their backs like a lot of things they hear.

Britney Spears posed for some great pictures while at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards, with sons Jayden James--who is eight--and son Sean Preston--who is nine--smiling broadly for the cameras.

What's your take on the advice about fashion that Britney Spears shared at the Teen Choice Awards? Would you want your daughter, granddaughter, or niece heeding her fashion advice?

Kimberly Ripley
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