Britney Spears' Home Sells for a Cool $4.2 Million

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Britney Spears' home has sold to the highest bidder, according to TMZ.

When most people put their beloved house up for sale, they only hope to get what they're asking for it. If they're lucky, of course. Given the current state of the housing marketing, hoping to receive anything above and about the list price is an exercise in futility. Unless you're Britney Spears, that is.

Although Spears was only asking $2,995,000 for her sprawling estate -- a humble abode she purchase back in 2007 for nearly $6 million -- an anonymous bidder is offering $4,253,000 to own the property, which is above and beyond what Spears was hoping to obtain for the place. Nothing like getting an extra two million dollars in your pocket when you least expect it. Such is the life of a pop star, I suppose. Insert audible sigh here.

Did I mentioned that this $4.2 million is in addition to the nifty $15 million she just received for joining the endless primetime party that is "The X Factor"? Well, there's that, too.

Spears, as you may recall, is under a conservatorship, which means that someone else is making sure her money is properly taken care of. In a situation such as this, a judge can allow other bidders an opportunity to overbid for the property, as well. However, those in charge of Britney's checkbook aren't willing to look a gift horse in the mouth, and have asked the judge to throw out the hearing. The courts have complied, meaning that Spears and her proverbial peeps have essentially accepted the deal. As long as there are no monkey wrenches tossed into the mix down the road, the pop star is ready to line her pockets with a little extra cash.

We should all be so lucky.

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