Britain's Gaming Addiction Gets The NMA Treatment


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Are you addicted to video games? You probably want to say no, but you realize that spending 40 or more hours a week in front of a screen might not be all that healthy. Well, rest easy knowing that you're not as bad as some gamers in the UK.

Domino's Pizza recently surveyed UK gamers to ask them multiple questions about their gaming habits. While most surveys would be content to just ask about average weekly playtime, Domino's went a bit deeper. The chain found that half of all male gamers would rather play games than have sex. Some female gamers also reported not showing up to important events, like weddings or funerals, to play games.

As expected, our favorite Taiwanese animators at NMA couldn't leave such a story alone. In it, we're treated to the extremes some people will go through to keep playing games. The video may even be prophetic as a bride is playing games via the Oculus Rift while she's at the altar. Nothing says love like ignoring the groom to play a French Revolution simulator.

While the above may be in jest, any kind of addiction is no laughing matter. I have stared into the abyss of gaming addiction and it isn't pretty. This isn't to say that you should give up on your current gaming habits, but sprinkling in other activities, especially those with friends, is never a bad idea.

[Image: Taiwanese Animators/YouTube]