Bristol Palin Prepares to Unleash Her Reality Show

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Bristol Palin, daughter of much-maligned political figure Sarah Palin and "Dancing with the Stars" alumni, is preparing to give viewers a chance to see her in a completely different light. The 21 year-old's new reality program, "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp", chronicles the daily life of the controversial mom, who will share the spotlight with her son Tripp, hence the title. Lifetime will debut the 10-episode show on June 19th.

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Bristol dished on the show, claiming that it will give viewers an opportunity to see her as a "normal, grounded mom". Although she hopes the program will portray her in a different light, Palin is preparing for the inevitable backlash that will follow the show's debut.

"I think I have tough skin and I know that God is on my side and my faith is everything to me. It’s just the root of my life and my family’s life and I think it will do well,” she explained. “And when people are talking poorly about me, I think it just gives me more motivation to want to do more and want to speak up even louder and they’re just not doing themselves well by doing that."

When asked what her mother thought of the reality show, Bristol stated, "You know, she supports me and she knows that I have good judgment so she is definitely in support of it."

Bristol, of course, is no stranger to controversy. In May, the single mom came under fire for claiming that President's Obama's children were instrumental in his support of gay marriage. The rant came in the form of a blog post, which, not surprisingly, drew the ire of several same-sex marriage supporters.

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