Bristol Palin Can't Get Blood from a Rock, Dakota Meyer Beats Her to Child Support Punch

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Bristol Palin won't be able to pull one over on Dakota Meyer when seeking child support for new baby girl Sailor.


Because Dakota Meyer beat her to the punch.

In his attempt to see history repeat itself, Meyer recently told a family judge exactly what he is worth. The former Marine makes $100,00 per year as a construction worker, and receives $37,000 per year in disability pay from the Marines.

Under Alaska law, this means Bristol Palin is entitled to $1,754 per month.

TMZ reports when Bristol Palin sued her first baby daddy, Levi Johnston, for child support, she seriously over-inflated his income in her statements to the court.

By beating Bristol to the punch, Dakota Meyer has made sure there won't be a long, drawn-out battle to get a ridiculous sum of money.

Do you think this was a smart move on behave of Bristol Palin's baby daddy? If his cards are neatly laid on that proverbial table, how can she request an exorbitant amount of child support when she goes before the family judge?

It's rather sad that Bristol Palin has a history that mandates this kind of action.

At least Bristol is working. The daughter of former Alaska governor and Donald Trump endorser Sarah Palin, she has returned to work following maternity leave, and even posted a picture of herself with her baby girl on what she called "Bring your baby to work day."

Its bring your baby to work day today ?

A photo posted by Bristol Palin (@bsmp2) on

Do you suppose Bristol Palin is upset with this pre-emptive measure Dakota Meyer took in the family court system? Do you believe she would have requested a ridiculous amount of child support from the former Marine?

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