Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer: Text Message Exchange Between the Two Surfaces, Former Couple Talks Baby Sailor Grace

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Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer are no longer a couple, but a recent text message exchange shows they are definitely willing to share their daughter, Sailor Grace.

The Daily Mail recently obtained court papers that reveal a text message conversation between Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin, in which Palin sounds more willing to share her baby than Meyer sounds about working out the details.

"I know you're busy but I'd even meet you somewhere, she changes so much everyday, I don't want you to miss anything," Bristol Palin says in the text.

"Yea i don't want to miss anything either and being busy will never be what keeps me from seeing Sailor. Hopefully everything gets worked out soon and I can be in her life," Meyer responds.

"There's nothing on my end holding you back Dakota," Palin says. "I want you (and your family) to be in her life as much as possible. It's not about us, and I don't care if you hate me, put it aside and put her first. She grows everyday and everyday I literally just think about how much you're missing by not seeing her, so realize I'm not bs'ing you and want you to be a part of her life, from the bottom of my heart I do."

"I don't hate you Bristol I have no reason to but my hands are tied when I legally have no right to a child that is mine," Dakota Meyer writes.

It was just last week that Dakota Meyer filed an emergency motion, asking a judge in family court to allow him immediate temporary custody. He wants to take Sailor on his own--away from Bristol Palin--from March 19 to the 22nd. Bristol Palin opposed the order because she is breast-feeding the baby.

"Ms. Palin is currently breastfeeding their two-month old daughter and plans to continue doing so until she is at least a year old. It is in Sailor's best interest that breastfeeding continue and that Mr. Meyer's visitation be fashioned so that he may begin bonding with Sailor without disrupting her breastfeeding schedule," Bristol Palin's lawyer told the court.

Meanwhile, Meyer and Palin have reached a temporary visitation agreement. People magazine reports Dakota Meyer "will be permitted to see her for three hours at a time and the first visit will be 'supervised at Bristol's discretion.'"

Meyer also agreed to "respect Bristol's wishes to, to the extent possible, feed Sailor breast milk," and to not "consume or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during his visitations with Sailor."

Does that text message make it sound like Dakota Meyer was making excuses for not visiting his baby? Or is he on to the antics Bristol Palin was known for in the past--thus following all rulings to the letter of the law?

Will a custody agreement between Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer work? Or will there be numerous returns to court before everything gets ironed out?

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