Brian Williams Apologizes to Arsenio Hall

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Brian Williams issued an apology to Arsenio Hall for not including him in a video montage of late night talk show hosts that was aired on NBC News recently.

This isn’t the first time the news network made an “oops.” Last year, the newscast left the state of New Hampshire off of a map and misspelled the word “Tuesday,” which Williams pointed out in his apology to Williams.

"Arsenio is a late-night veteran and he took us to task on his show and he even urged his audience members to call our newsroom,” Williams stated. "So, in apologizing to Arsenio we just wanted to point out: at least you're in good company here."

Hall was a bit perturbed at the fact that just about every late night talk show host was included in this montage, except for him.

Hall alluded that the reason for the snub is because of his race.

"There's nobody even with a tan," Hall said of the montage.

Hall even brought up a mishap that occurred on another news network, in which a reporter apparently mistook actor Samuel Jackson to be actor Laurence Fishburne. Both of the actors are African American.

"If you're doing a story about late-night, all I ask is that you mention me," Hall said. "You don't even have to use a photo. I know how journalism is these days. Use Samuel Jackson -- it doesn't even have to be my photo. Use Laurence Fishburne. Just mention me."

See what else Hall had to say, here:

Hall also stated that he is the only current late-night host who “competed and survived against Johnny Carson,” referring to his original talk show that aired from 1989 to 1994. Carson was the host of the Tonight show at the time.

However, Hall did have some fun with Williams towards the end.

"We might just be kidding, Brian,” he said. “You know, sometimes I take the joke too far. Just mention me, man."

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