Brian Griffin: Beloved 'Family Guy' Dog Resurrected

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Brian Griffin, the beloved dog on the hit show Family Guy was resurrected on Sunday night's Christmas episode.

Brian was hit by a car and met his demise in an episode back in November. The Griffin family soon bought a new dog named Vinnie, in a half-hearted attempt to replace Brian. When the Christmas episode opened Sunday night, Brian was still in the great hereafter, and Vinnie was part of the show's credits. Viewers could sense that something big was about to happen, however.

Stewie pined terribly for Brian, so in an attempt to cheer him up, Vinnie dressed up like the deceased dog. Of course that didn't work (imagine such a scenario in real life--sick humor at its best--so apropos), so Vinnie tried again to cheer Stewie by taking him to the mall. While there, during a visit to Santa, Stewie tells the man in red that all he wants for Christmas is to have Brian back.

A plan is soon hatched between Stewie and Vinnie involving the time machine Stewie used just before Brian Griffin was killed. They worked the machine to transport Stewie back in time--just in time to save Brian's life.

Brian's line of thanks to Stewie is classic Family Guy, and will no doubt go down in the annals of Family Guy history.

Brian told Stewie that "a lot of other families would have just gotten another dog and moved on."

If he only knew.

Some fans believe that Brian Griffin was resurrected due to fan outrage. A petition to bring Brian back garnered many signatures.

Alas the entire plot was a carefully planned strategy on behalf of the show's creator that clearly worked. Creator Seth MacFarlane tweeted about it following the episode's airing.

A short time after, in true Seth MacFarlane form, he added this message for his fans.

If you're a Family Guy fan, you're probably celebrating the news that Brian Griffin is alive and well. You can now go about your Christmas plans with joy in your hearts and the idea of what you could possibly do with a time machine in your heads. Some might be permanently scarred from the suggestion about Stewie's use of his knee pads. But what's that compared to a resurrection?

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