Brian Austin Green Gets Another Shot At Television

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Brian Austin Green, who got his break in acting on the mega-successful '90s hit "Beverly Hills, 90210", has flown relatively low on the acting radar over the years. He's getting a chance at a comeback, however, with the new show "Wedding Band".

"I've found that people (90210 fans) didn't really, for the most part, embrace things I've done after it," Green said of his adult career.

That could all change with the new show, which is about a group of four friends who play in a band called Mother Of The Bride. Green admits he was skeptical of the idea when he was first approached, but when he learned who would be behind the writing--Bryan Gordon of "Curb Your Enthusiasm"--he changed his mind.

"To him, the best comedy is when you really live a situation and let that situation be funny rather than everybody trying to be kind of 'punchline' funny," Green said of Gordon. "I thought I might as well give it a shot. I've never had dreams of being a rock star."

Green is starting a new chapter in other areas of his life as well, as he's just begun a family with wife Megan Fox. Fox gave birth to their son in September, and since then the couple has stayed mostly out of the spotlight as they adjust to their new roles.

"Wedding Band" airs Saturdays on TBS.

Amanda Crum
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