Brett Favre: Packers Consider Retiring Former Quarterback's Jersey


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Brett Favre, who famously parted ways with the Green Bay Packers in 2008, is back in the news once again. Thankfully, this time it has nothing to do with sexting or retirement. In fact, should the legendary NFL quarterback soothe the ongoing tensions with his former employer, they would like nothing more than to retire his jersey. However, considering the current state of their tumultuous relationship, this honor may not take place for another few years.

According to, Packers president Mark Murphy recently told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that he would love to retire Favre's jersey, though he wants to wait a while so the event will be memorable for all involved. This, of course, suggests that relations between the famed QB and the Packers are still somewhat strained. Time heals all wounds, right? I'm sure Packer fans would love to see this happen. Assuming, of course, that some of them can put their bitterness aside to enjoy the moment.

Mark Murphy siad #packers want to retire Favre's number in a year or two when it is meaningful to 4
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In related news, Favre recently auctioned off some of his precious time for charity. For $10,000, a person and their guest(s) could play a game of catch-and-pass with the quarterback, with all proceeds from the auction going to RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. Although the auction has closed, no winner has been announced.

News about Favre's potential jersey retirement has caused some waves on Twitter. You can sample some of the reactions by investigating the posts embedded below.

@Aaron_Nagler should the Pack retire Favre's jersey? He wronged many fans/even the org a little for going to MN Or does saving GB save him?
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@TheFakeESPN brett favre's jersey will also call other teams retired jersey's secretaries and leave weird voice mails
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Not surprised #Packers want to wait a year or two to retire Favre's jersey. But it's a bad call. Do it now. Time to celebrate his greatness.
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Packers not retiring Favre's jersey for another year or two? That's why I can't stand that team or their crybaby fans. Get over it.
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Mad props to the guy I saw get off the bus (in Boston) decked out in a Packer hat and B.Favre jersey #KeepingTheDreamAlive #fb
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