Breaking Bad Stars Appear in Student Council Ads

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Want a surefire way to win the election for student council president, regardless of how inherently awful you might be as a human being? Have Bryan "Walter White" Cranston and Aaron "Jesse Pinkman" Paul release a video in support of your candidacy. Even if your classmates don't think you'll do a fine job, they'll probably too impressed -- or frightened -- to vote against you.

When his arch enemy managed to snag Giancarlo "Gus Fring" Esposito's endorsement for Associated Student Body president, Maxwell Ulin decided to up the ante by procuring the services of Cranston and Paul, the latter of whom doesn't appear until the last few seconds of the embedded clip. How did Ullin manage to convince two insanely talented and presumably busy actors to endorse him? Right now, that's anybody's guess, as the would-be student body president is remaining tight-lipped about the video. Come on, man! Dish!

If you're not a fan of the hit AMC series "Breaking Bad", then there's an incredibly strong possibility that this clip will do nothing for you. The rest of us, however, should be a little flabbergasted that a high school kid could make something like this happen. Unfortunately, Gus Fring's ringing endorsement of Summer Kennedy has been marked private, so until that privacy setting has been changed, chances are we won't get to experience Fring's clip for ourselves. Truthfully, it's a little cooler than Ullin managed to get Cranston to do this, so my vote with that guy. Excellent work, my friend! Best of luck with your campaign.

Walter White's subtly intimidating video is hanging out below.

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