Breaking Bad is Over, Here’s How to Cope

(Unless you click the links, this article is *SPOILER FREE*)

It’s over.

After a long five years, it’s over.

A series so impactful that it’s considered the best show on television according to the 2014 edition of the Guinness World Records.

So what next? How do you console yourself after such a long run? After experiencing such a ground breaking series on television, knowing that there probably won’t be another show if its kind for a very long time?

There are multiple ways to get your final fixes of Breaking Bad, from simplistic practical approaches to outright insane fandom. Below, you’ll see a compiled list of reliving the show by burning copious amounts of money.

Ways to break the sadness after the Breaking Bad madness.

Fan Level: Calm.

  • Rejoice in the fact for the spin-off series, Better Call Saul. It’s a prequel, and it’s happening.

Fan Level: Adequate.

Fan Level: Huge.

  • Have a lot of unanswered questions? Want to cover all the missed nooks and crannies? Buy the Breaking Bad Collector’s Edition on Blu-Ray on November 26th, 2013 and find out everything.

  • Hang out at Breaking Bad subreddit and discover endless amounts of user-made art and pictures with Aaron Paul. There’s also a ton of Ask Me Anything (AMA) posts made by the actual stars of the show. Check on the bottom right corner of /r/BreakingBad and you’ll see them.

Fan Level: Die Hard.

     Fan Level: Gale.

  • Bid on the actual props from the show at ScreenBid. Seriously. You can buy the very same bell that Hector Salamanca used throughout the series. The current bid is at $17,500.


  • When Twin Peaks ended, a lot of people started drinking their coffee “black as midnight on a moonless night”. They still do, even after the series ended back in 1991. Now, you can be part of the underground trend of drinking only chamomile tea with soymilk and Stevia, made popular by Lydia.
  • Watch this video over a million times to send a message:


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