Brazilian City Names a Street after Steve Jobs

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In Jundlai, Brazil you can now take a stroll down Steve Jobs Avenue, or in Portuguese, Avenida Steve Jobs. The city offering tribute to the late venture capitalist is home to a Foxconn plant, which is located not far from the newly dubbed avenue.

Mayor Miquel Haddad finally passed the name change in a city council meeting last month, Apple Insider is reporting. The name change was first proposed the day after Steve Job's death.

Haddad chose the particular street because it feeds into the Anhanguera Highway, the street on which a Foxconn facility is located. The manufacturing plant produced iPhones and is rumored to have started making iPads to be sold later this year.


Time Cook has said the Brazil will experience "major growth" in the next few years. Brazil, a major Apple consumer, has notoriously high import tariffs. Having a plant in a domestic locale may be a key component in keeping prices low. It also helps that the manufacturer has been granted tax reductions and exemptions by the government to keep production local.

Apple Insider notes that a lot of posthumus awards have been given to Jobs recently, including a slightly larger than life size bronze statue dedicated by Hungarian software company Graphisoft, for whom Jobs was a huge benefactor.


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