Brands Need To Embrace Social and Mobile Platforms to be Successful

Social Media

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For brands, no matter what size, they need to embrace social and mobile platforms to be successful.

This was the advice given by Matt Gentile, Dir. of Public Relations & Social Media of Century 21 at the Blogworld Expo in L.A. Gentile was there to speak about how to turn "likes into leads". He said one of the greatest challenges, for any company, is understanding how they can get ROI from their social efforts. Gentile states: "I think you're getting that from a lot of CEOs and executives they see it and know it they know they're children are on it everyone is using it they know they need to be in the space but they're not sure how they should track that ROI."

Gentile goes on to say, "if you look at today's consumer, especially in the industry we're serving (real estate), a lot of first time home buyers are between the ages of 25 - 34. In order to reach these, what are commonly known as digital natives it's very important to be reaching them in the spaces where they're spending the most time where they're consuming the most media. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter for brands it's essential you learn how to communicate effectively in those channels to reach the consumer."

This year Century 21 started a new advertising campaign "Smarter. Bolder. Faster". While talking about the new campaign, Gentile stated, "we're really emphasizing the fact that were embracing these new media channels preparing our sales professionals to have success in those channels,. leveraging thing sleek Facebook enabling access to content through our own channels at the corp level where the consumers can come in and engage with the brand and get some quality value content from every thing we're putting out there."

Essentially what it boils down to is... you HAVE to be where your consumers are. According to a recent Neilson study, 90+% of all consumers started their real estate search online, so this is why Century 21 made the huge social push since 2009. Gentile predicts you'll see other brands making the same decision soon.

It should also be noted that Gentile revealed that Century 21 will have a Super Bowl commercial this year. How's that for being where your consumers are?

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