BrandCinema Seeks Partners At SXSW 2012


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BrandCinema is a new digital development and production company that seeks to create partnerships and collaboration between story writers, online sponsors, and digital agencies. They come to South by Southwest (SXSW) 2012 with a variety of new shows featuring some of the most prominent screen writers in the digital domain today including Tina Cesa Ward, Daryn Strauss and Andrew Leitch.

At SXSW they are hoping to find new sponsorship and new platforms to carry their content. They have yet to introduce an array of strategies they have devised to promote their forthcoming creative works. What BrandCinema hopes to create is strong story influenced worlds that encompass the entire experience from advertising to every other element along the way.

Here's what BrandCinema already has in the works:

WEIGHTa smart dramedy about Claire Carlson, who returns home from a reality weight-loss show 100 pounds lighter, to find family life is sometimes excess baggage. by Daryn Strauss

EXTENDED LEASEFour estranged cousins inherit their grandparents' large old country house outside of New York City with the stipulation they spend time living together as a family, causing some changes to their individual city lives. by Tina Cesa Ward

THE RUNNER Money is the most dangerous sport in this dramatic series exposing the dark machine of building sports empires. Friday Night Lights crashes into The Wire as we follow the wild and shady exploits of DSM, a top sports agency looking to corner the nation's best collegiate athletes. by The Raven Film Company.

MONTAUK BOYSa sci-fi drama about love and friendship – complicated by the small matter of time. Inspired by legends of 1950s time travel experiments out of Camp Hero at the Long Island coastal town. by Andrew Leitch and Alexandra Tolk.

You can find BrandCinema at this years SXSW festival in Austin, Texas or you can visit their site to learn more. The digital development company chose to announce their launch at SXSW because of the exposure the festival brings.

BrandCinema co-founder Jennifer Warren commented on the decision:

"We decided to announce our launch at SXSW because it's the perfect place to marry brand interaction with creativity,"