Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax: Artist To Blame?


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Tragic events should inspire people to show empathy for the affected victims with words of support and acts of kindness.

Unfortunately, some would prefer to use these horrible incidents to draw all the wrong kinds of attention to themselves.

Case in point is the man that Boston police arrested on Tuesday evening.

The suspect had been seen walking barefoot in the rain carrying a backpack. When stopped by police, he admitted the contents of the bag included a rice cooker. He is also thought to have dropped off a second backpack that had been found.

While his identity hasn't been officially confirmed yet, early reports suggest that the person responsible for this terrible hoax is Kevin Edson, a self-professed performance artist. He's also known as "Kayvon".

It is also rumored that Edson is a part of a group of persons that support suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and believe he is innocent of the Boston Marathon Bombings.

Regardless of the motive for this bizarre act, it's certain that the locals were not amused by the loud booms heard as police detonated the rice cookers.

Though authorities stated that that the items weren't dangerous, they were reportedly destroyed as a safety precaution.

The bombing hoax was upsetting to Boston citizens who are still trying to adjust to life a year after marathon bombings.

On Tuesday, thousands flocked to the city to pay tribute to the victims who lost their lives and suffered serious injuries as a result of the terrorist act.

This year's Boston Marathon is scheduled for April 21st and boasts even more participants than those who took part on that fateful day.

Precautions are in place in order to prevent any possible repeat of last year's tragic events.

In addition to watching out for copycat bombers, authorities will likely have to deal with terrible hoaxes like this in the coming days.

Image via YouTube