Bobsled Accident in Sochi Breaks Both of Man's Legs

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A bobsled accident at the Winter Olympics in Sochi on Thursday resulted in a worker being airlifted to a nearby hospital with a concussion and two broken legs. The unidentified man was working near the end of the track at the Sanki Sliding Center when he was hit by a sled.

The forerunning sled was being used to test the conditions of the track and ensure that the timing system was in proper working order before the men's two-man bobsled training. The incident caused a 35-minute delay of the day's events before the training and competitions resumed Thursday evening.

Olympic Officials are trying to determine why the worker was on the track when the sled approached. According to video footage of the accident under review, there were three workers near the finish line of the track, one of whom was using a motorized air blower. Two of the men hurry to safety as the sled nears, but one man, however, does not move. Speculation about the incident has many people wondering whether the announcement of a sled on the track was heard by the workers.

A statement by the Sochi organizers was finally released over three hours following the incident, stating, "According to standard procedure, a warning signal was given ahead of the forerunners' bob beginning its run on the track. The reasons for the icemaker's presence on the track after the warning signal are currently being determined."

The man was taken immediately into surgery following his arrival at the hospital where he is said to be recovering well.

Image via @CBS12, Twitter.

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