Bobby Jindal Becomes 13th Republican To Enter Presidential Race

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Bobby Jindal announced on Wednesday that he is, indeed, running for president.

With Bobby Jindal in the race, that makes 13 candidates that Republicans have to choose from.

Bobby Jindal is the youngest candidate and the only Indian-American to ever run in a major party, but is not polling well at all. In fact, he is wavering around last place out of the 13 and he needs to be in the top ten to even be allowed to debate.

Bobby Jindal made the announcement via social media.

In his announcement, Bobby Jindal simply states, "My name is Bobby Jindal, I am the Governor of the great state of Louisiana, and I am running for President of the United States."

According to ABC news, Bobby Jindal's staff outlined his platform issues.

The Governor is in the house.

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The site reads, "Jindal's campaign message, according to aides, will be that Jindal is the youngest candidate with the longest resume. He will argue that Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is trying to divide America by ethnicity, gender, and economic status and that Clinton and Obama are leading America to socialism."

What do you think about Bobby Jindal's entry into the already crowded Republican pool?

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