Bobbi Kristina: Nick Gordon Suspected Of Foul Play?

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Bobbi Kristina Brown is fighting for her life in an Atlanta hospital.

Bobbi Kristina Brown was discovered last Saturday floating face down in a bathtub at her suburban townhouse by her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, and a friend, later identified as Max Lomas.

As Bobbi Kristina rests in a medically induced coma surrounded by her family, Nick Gordon is allegedly under investigation for foul play, according to TMZ and CNN.

If reports are accurate, Bobbi Kristina is said to have had injuries that were red flags to investigators.

Sources told TMZ that there is a history of violence between Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon. They also said that police are looking into a fight that happened more than an hour before Bobbi Kirstina was found in the bathtub.

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Max Lomas, the friend of Gordon's who was at their home when Bobbi Kristina was found, said that he went to hang out with Nick on Saturday, but didn't see Bobbi Kristina. He was told by Gordon that she was in the bedroom.

He said that Gordon disappeared shortly after he arrived, then Lomas let the cable guy in. It was when he led the cable guy back to the bedroom, where the cable needed to be repaired, that Max Lomas said he discovered Bobbi Kristina in the bathtub.

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He said he yelled for Nick, who performed CPR.

TMZ reports that Max claimed Nick cleaned the house and removed blood stains.

Whether or not these claims are true, it has been reported by Us Weekly that Nick Gordon has not been to the hospital to see Bobbi Kristina since her first day in the hospital.

The source revealed, "Nick hasn't been to visit Bobbi since she moved to this hospital. I think he's banned from seeing her. Nick spent the entire first day with her, but hasn't been back to see her."

As more information about Bobbi Kristina's boyfriend becomes available, do you believe that Nick Gordon is capable of such a thing?

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