Bobbi Kristina Brown: Tyler Perry Brings Bobby Brown Back to Atlanta and Her Hospice Bedside

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Bobbi Kristina Brown is living out her last days in a hospice facility outside of Atlanta, and yesterday Tyler Perry brought Bobby Brown back to her bedside.

Bobby Brown had been in California by wife Alicia Etheredge's side as they welcomed their daughter Bodhi into the world. Just a week after welcoming one daughter into the world, however, he faced a harsh reality as he returned to Atlanta to watch another one die.

Tyler Perry, who visited Bobbi Kristina weeks ago and again on Friday, arranged for his private jet to fly him and Bobby Brown to Atlanta. Perry also penned a letter on Facebook asking both fans and the media to respect all the Brown and Houston families are experiencing as they await the passing of Bobbi Kristina Brown.

This morning I woke up with Whitney on my mind. I couldn’t help but think about all that she must have dreamed for her...

Posted by Tyler Perry on Friday, July 17, 2015

"This morning I woke up with Whitney on my mind. I couldn't help but think about all that she must have dreamed for her child. I know this was not her dream…and as difficult as this time is for the people that love both Whitney and Krissi, what makes it more egregious is the blatant disrespect, lies, and ignorance that are rapidly printed in this awful time," he wrote.

"For some reason, it has become human nature in our society to look for, seek out, and celebrate darkness, glory in tragedy, and enjoy reading and reporting it. It makes me sad to know that everybody wants to be the first to report something awful. So much so, that they find it OK to speak death onto those who are still alive," he continued.

Tyler Perry closed by asking everyone to pray for and respect both Bobbi Kristina and her family.

"May I ask you all to please show some decency and respect? Not only to Kriss's family, but also to the other families that are there in this place. Not only is Kriss at the center but there are several other families who are grieving the loss of their loved ones at the same time. It's heartbreaking to think that even in a time like this, this child is not allowed any peace. I assure you, the family will issue an official statement if something changes. Until then, can we just pray for Krissi, and the Houston and Brown families?"

Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious in a bathtub inside her Roswell, Georgia home back on January 31st. She has never regained consciousness. Nick Gordon, her boyfriend, has been served with a $10 million lawsuit that alleges he physically abused Bobbi Kristina in the days leading up to this tragedy, and that he may be responsible for the state she is presently in. The suit also alleges that Nick Gordon withdrew money from her bank account without her permission.

Bobby Brown is no doubt grateful to have a friend like Tyler Perry by his side as he prepares for the inevitable--the passing of his daughter Bobbi Kristina. Even though no one can erase the hurt he does and will continue to feel, there is comfort in having someone who truly cares standing close by.

Hopefully once Bobbi Kristina Brown is gone, her dad will take solace in the new little girl he welcomed into this world just over a week ago.

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