Bobbi Kristina Brown: Pat Houston in On Plot to Kill Her, Says Leolah Brown

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Bobbi Kristina Brown lies in a medically induced coma in an Atlanta hospital, and all around her people are discussing how and why she is in such a state. Her aunt, Leolah Brown, has been especially outspoken about her beliefs. She accused boyfriend Nick Gordon of being responsible for Bobbi Kristina's tragedy, and has now pointed a finger at Whitney Houston's sister-in-law, Pat Houston, as well.

It's clear that Leolah Brown has been looking for someone to blame ever since Bobbi Kristina Brown was found facedown in her bathtub back on January 31st. Bobby Brown--Leolah's brother and Bobbi Kristina's dad--has urged those in the media to negate most everything his family members say. Does that pertain to this latest theory of Leolah's, too?

People magazine reports that Leolah Brown has been very outspoken about her 'Pat Houston' theory.

Leolah recently told TMZ that Pat Houston "has a lot to do" with Bobbi Kristina's present condition.

"I believe that she has a lot to do with it. Whether it be her actual hand, I can't say that right now," Brown said. "But I hold her accountable for what happened to my niece, Bobbi Kristina, because of what knowledge I have of her."

"It was someone's intention to put [Bobbi Kristina] where she is right now. That I do believe," she added.

It seems Leolah Brown believes that since Pat Houston is the executor of the trust left to Bobbi Kristina Brown by her late mother, that she stands to gain the most if Bobbi Kristina is dead. She has also, however, insisted that Nick Brown is responsible for what happened to her niece.

"You're a money-hungry beast, Pat, yes you are," Brown said. "And the world knows who you are."

Do you think it's even remotely possible that Pat Houston hired someone to harm Bobbi Kristina Brown? And if so, was that person Nick Gordon?

Meanwhile Nick Gordon is locked away in a rehab facility after Dr. Phil McGraw cashed in on the situation and hosted the young man on his TV show.

How do you expect this entire situation with Bobbi Kristina Brown will end?

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