Bobbi Kristina Brown: Funeral Video Fuels Rumors, Pat Houston Cleans Out Townhouse

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Bobbi Kristina Brown is living out her last days at a hospice facility outside of Atlanta. Numerous reports about her--and her family--are circling the internet.

One report arrived via a YouTube video. It is titled "Bobbi Kristina Brown Funeral Service 7/30/2015."

You will note that today is 7/23/2015. People are now into both predicting Bobbi Kristina's date of death and filming video footage from the future? How interesting.

While reasonable folks understand this is the work of people with way too much time on their hands, it has to hurt those closest to Bobbi Kristina Brown. They are sitting vigil at her hospice bedside, no doubt feel grateful for every day they can spend with her.

Grandmother Cissy Houston is unable to travel to Atlanta to be by Bobbi Kristina's side, so Pat Houston holds the phone up to her ear every day so her grandmother can whisper words of love and faith.

Earlier this week Pat Houston began cleaning out the townhouse in Roswell, Georgia where Bobbi Kristina was discovered facedown in her bathtub back on January 31st. It is the townhouse she shared with Nick Gordon, against whom a $10 million civil suit has now been filed. Pat Houston took possession of Whitney Houston's platinum and gold albums, but threw out many of Bobbi Kristina's belongings.

The Houston and Brown families are living day to day with the knowledge that something bad happened to Bobbi Kristina. They are uncertain if she is suffering from the result of drug abuse or if she was abused by Nick Gordon. Bobby Brown believes Nick Gordon is responsible for his daughter's condition, and hasn't allowed him to visit her since she was hospitalized.

It's sad that the Bobbi Kristina Brown funeral video has once again stirred things up. Her family has enough to contend with now and in the coming days.

It must have been difficult for Pat Houston to go through all of Bobbi Kristina's things, but it was a task that needed undertaking.

One day in the future both the Brown and Houston families will find peace. Though their lives have been irrevocably changed, they will learn to find hope and look forward to the future--one that they will sadly live without Bobbi Kristina.

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