Bob Costas "Pink Eye" Due To Bad Botox Injection?

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No doubt the memory of Bob Costas's creepy "pink eye" still lingers with you even though the Sochi Winter Olympic games are now over.

Some felt sorry for the brave Costas, though many just did not want to see that gross eye infection in high definition. I know this because it was a sentiment expressed all over Twitter until he was eventually replaced.

It was kind of a mean opinion to have. After all, it's not like it was his fault that he had contracted pink eye.

Well, if you believe the gossip that has started to emerge about the source of Costas's unenviable condition, it's alleged that he actually is partly to blame for how he looked on air.

Bob took a six-day break from reporting following an unfortunate viral infection in both eyes. An explanation has been offered by certain gossip sites, and strongly denied by officials at NBC, is that it was brought on by bad Botox injection.

When it comes to Botox-related infections, doctors say that it's highly unusual, but not impossible.

Dr. Mark Warfel, a New York plastic surgeon told Page Six, "If the Botox procedure is done properly, the patient shouldn’t get pink eye. It is highly unlikely unless the procedure was unclean, when the patient could contract cellulitis of the eyelid."

Symptoms of cellulitis of the eyelid, also known as orbital cellulitis, include swelling and redness of the eye and surrounding tissue. The condition can also cause the sufferer pain and discomfort in addition to a possible fever.

Costas said of his condition that he felt something was wrong when his left eye was "like a slit", leaving him visually compromised. Costas soldiered on, putting in numerous eyedrops and wearing thick glasses in a sad and unsuccessful attempt to hide how bad it was from the viewing public.

Eventually the condition worsened to the point that Costas was forced to take some time off from covering the Olympics.

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