"Boardwalk Empire" To Be "Office Space" Reunion

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"Boardwalk Empire" has announced they'll be bringing on some fresh blood for the fourth season, and it's none other than "Office Space" actor Ron Livingston. He'll be joining co-star Stephen Root, who already plays a Department of Justice investigator on the show.

While details are scarce for the moment, it looks like Livingston will be playing a wealthy Jersey transplant who gets involved with Gillian Darmody, played with sexy insanity by Gretchen Moll. It's also rumored that the show will jump forward a bit in time for the upcoming season to take place in 1924, when J. Edgar Hoover famously took over as head of the FBI and gangsters like Al Capone--whose presence on the show has so far been overshadowed by the bigger personalities--began making a name for themselves. One juicy rumor about the fourth season is that Agent Van Alden (played with precision by Michael Shannon) will be going even further rogue and joining Capone's crew.

The introduction of new characters is always welcome on shows like this one, where the storylines can become repetitive otherwise, but after the shocking ending of season three, it will be nice to see some of the old favorite characters come into new territory.

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