Bo Derek Will Be Tara Reid's Mom. Because Sometimes Apples Fall Far.

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Bo Derek, most famous as the perfect braided bod in 10, which she later kinda-sorta nodded to in Tommy Boy with Chris Farley, is now on board for Sharknado 3 on SyFy.

Bo Derek is slated to play May, the mother of April -- I'm not making this up -- who is, of course, played in all the installments by Tara Reid. Reid and actor Ian Ziering, who plays Fin, have sen their careers -- or at least headline recognition -- revived by the Sharknado series of movies.

Bo Derek joins other confirmed guest stars such as Jerry Springer, who plays a nutjob tourist; Chris Kirkpatrick from 'N Sync, who plays a pool lifeguard; and Chris Jericho, who plays a roller-coaster ride operator.

Another big name joining Bo Derek in the annual SyFy tradition of ridiculousness is billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban. In this round, Cuban will play none other than the President of the United States.

"I'm doing it," Cuban told Fox Sports recently. "Why not? It'll be fun."

Cuban is not afraid to let it all hang out there. In addition to his Shark Tank residency, Cuban once did a turn on the dance floor in Dancing with the Stars.

But another big surprise was who would be playing Cuban's vice-president. Joining the magnate as he runs the shark-plagued nation is none other than conservative political pundit Ann Counter.

Let the jokes begin.

Anthony C. Ferrante, who has directed all the Sharknado installments, will return to direct the newest one.

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