Blue Ivy: Beyonce and Jay Z Using Her to Convey Unity?

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Blue Ivy, celebrity (daughter) by proxy of Beyonce and Jay Z, appears to be part of a plan put in place by her famous parents to convey unity in the presence of their fans. The little girl may soon be part of a broken family but her mom and dad are pushing to squelch that rumor by presenting a united front.

On Wednesday night Beyonce and Jay Z took to the stage in Seattle--a stop on their On the Run tour--and appeared as though they were 'Crazy in Love' for one another. It was so over the top that it looked fake--and it may very well be. Blue Ivy's parents are likely shaking in their shoes, fearing that a confirmation of a split will hurt concert ticket sales.

Blue Ivy even appears in recent Instagram shots Beyonce posted--also likely part of the effort to convey unity.

This shot is captioned, 'My favorite hue is Jay Z Blue!'

Recent rumors have Beyonce shopping solo for an apartment in a building not far from Katie Holmes in New York City. Another says Jay Z was planning on meeting up for a rendezvous with Rihanna and Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles caught wind of it--hence their highly publicized elevator fight several weeks ago.

Another source, however, claims Beyonce is dead set against getting a divorce.

“Beyonce does not want a divorce, she’s very against it on principal. That’s why they waited so long to get married — she wanted to be a hundred percent sure,” the source reports. “But now that they have Blue to think about, she’s even more committed. She and Jay made a pact that they would never put Blue through a divorce, so they‘re working very hard to fix this situation. It’s been a hard couple of months, but in no way is Beyonce ready to give up on her family.”

Will Blue Ivy soon become one of those celebrity children who flies with a well-paid nanny from the east coast (where Beyonce will settle, according to those rumors) to the west where Daddy Jay Z will no doubt live? That's a crazy life for a child, no matter how much money is lavished on her. That money can't take the place of love and a stable home life.

Do you think Beyonce and Jay Z can provide that for Blue Ivy? Do you think their marriage will end when their On the Run concert tour is over? Or might their pact urge them to work hard to salvage their marriage?

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