Blake Lively Announces Pregnancy Online

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Blake Lively recently announced that she is pregnant on her website on Sunday morning and shared her news with the world. Blake is married to actor Ryan Reynolds and the couple has been talking about starting a family for a while now.

Lively has said on numerous occasions that she wants to be a mother and looks forward to the day and she and Ryan can welcome a child into their lives.

When she revealed the news about her pregnancy, she also provided a photo of her baby bump, which appears pretty large and seems to suggest that Blake is at least into her second trimester and has been hiding her pregnancy for a while now.

Blake hasn’t said if she is having any pregnancy cravings, but before getting pregnant or at least telling everyone about it, she did share some of her favorite food items and some of them sound like the types of foods that many women often crave while pregnant.

Could Blake have been dropping hints about her pregnancy all along?

In July Blake did a video interview with Vogue and answered several random questions. When asked what her favorite dessert was she said chocolate soufflé. She was also asked what her favorite food was and she answered melted cheese.

Blake went on to share more of her favorite foods and said that she enjoys eggs benedict and that the one food she could eat forever is "Truffle pappardelle at Scalinatella," a popular restaurant in NYC.

At least Ryan Reynolds will have an idea of some of the foods he should stock up on for when the pregnancy cravings start.

Congratulations to both Blake and Ryan.

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