BlackBerry Users Can Finally Snag The All New Foursquare

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Earlier this month, after a week-long teaser period, Foursquare finally unveiled "All New Foursquare" (#allnew4sq) for iOS and Android. Today, they're announcing that the new version (v.5.0) is now available to download on BlackBerry.

Like the iOS and Android apps, the new Foursquare looks quite different from the previous version. BlackBerry users will now see three main tabs at the top right of their stream (they're on the bottom on iOS and Android) - the "Friends" tab, the "Explore" tab, and the "Profile" tab.

The Friends tab shows a more in-depth news feed from all of your Foursquare pals, complete with photos and comments. Users have the ability to "like" specific check-ins from this stream.

all new foursquare for blackberry

The Explore tab is Foursquare's big push to cement its place as a true recommendation platform with personalized suggestions, deals, and the ability to browse destinations by category or by "top picks." These recommendations pull from the millions of public check-ins that Foursquare has accumulated as well as those of your friends.

Like on iOS and Android, the BlackBerry update comes with a new Profile section that features a bio, stats, photos and badges. One interesting new feature is the ability to look at all of your past check-ins - just keep scrolling down the page.

Foursquare says that #allnew4sq is a "completely re-imagined app, torn apart and rebuilt anew to make it even easier to share and save your experiences and discover amazing things nearby, as soon as you open up the app." After playing around with the iOS version for about two weeks now, I can tell you that it's a massive improvement from any other Foursquare version of the past. So, BlackBerry users, you're going to want to grab that update ASAP.

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