BlackBerry Outage Persists But Is Improving, CEO Issues Apology

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BlackBerry Services are beginning to be restored in countries around the world following an outage that began in Europe and The Middle East and by Wednesday had spread to the Americas.

BlackBerry users all around the world have had problems browsing the web and using BlackBerry Messenger for the past few days. Users also reported issues with their email services, and yesterday it was revealed that a huge backlog was responsible for the intermittent service.

For the U.S., RIM says that email services are up and running and they are working to clear any remaining jam in order to get it going at full speed. As far as everyone else goes, RIM says that "BlackBerry services are operating well globally."

On Twitter, some people continue to complain about problems accessing certain functions of their BlackBerry devices, but at least it seems like things are on the mend.

Founder and co-CEO of RIM Mike Lazardis has issued a video apology to BlackBerry customers, posted on the BB YouTube channel.

"Since launching BlackBerry in 1999, it's been my goal to provide reliable, real-time communications around the world. We did not deliver on that goal this week - not even close. I apologize for the service outages this week - we've let many of you down," he says.

He says they are working hard to "stabilize the system" and that they have seen "steady improvements."

As you can see, he predicts some "instabilities" as things return to normal.

What do you think about this apology? Is it enough? It sure was a pretty bad time for BlackBerry services to crap out in you're RIM. While millions of users are taking to the web to vent their frustrations and complain about how their BlackBerrys won't do anything they need them to do, you have Apple launching iOS 5 and their brand new iPhone 4S Friday morning.

How have you been affected by the BlackBerry outage? Let us know in the comments.

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