BioShock Infinite Gets Two Collector's Editions

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We haven't heard anything from Irrational Games or BioShock Infinite since the game was delayed in May. It was originally supposed to come out this month, but it's now been pushed to February of next year. It's all good though as it gives the team enough time to really make the game something special. To that end, the guys at Irrational have cooked up two collector's editions for the ultra fans out there.

Irrational Games announced this morning that BioShock Infinite will be getting a premium edition alongside what they're calling the "Ultimate Songbird Edition." Both editions will come with most of the same stuff. The only difference is that the songbird edition will come with a massive 9.5-inch statue of the Songbird enemy from the game.

As for everything else, here's what you can expect to get out of both collector's editions:

  • A 3-inch baby version keychain of the sold-out Murder of Crows vigor bottle replica.
  • A 5 x 7-inch lithograph by Jorge Lacera.
  • A 25 millimeter, resin-cast Handyman miniature from the upcoming BioShock Infinite board game by Plaid Hat Games, makers of Summoner Wars.
  • A mini art book, full of BioShock Infinite concept art and commentary, with a hand-distressed cover.
  • Various digital goodies: exclusive in-game gear, a digital soundtrack, and platform specific downloadable content (Avatar costumes for Xbox 360, and Themes for PC and PlayStation 3).
  • The Premium Edition will run you $79.99 while the Ultimate Songbird Edition will cost $149.99. The Songbird statue is resin cast which seemingly makes it worth the extra $70.

    It's worth noting that both editions will be printed in limited quantities. If you want to get ahold of it, you should probably put in your pre-order now. It will be available from many fine retailers such as GameStop, Amazon and Target.

    BioShock Infinite will be available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on February 26, 2013.

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