Bing Thinks It Had A Pretty Good 2013

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As we near the end of the year, we all start to look back and reflect upon our accomplishments. Me? I finally achieved the nirvana of sleeping for 13 hours straight. As for Bing, the search engine feels it accomplished so much more.

In a new blog post, the Bing team threw some stats our way regarding how the search engine was used this year. These aren't your usual search engine stats as Bing got those out of the way earlier this month. These are the more abstract stats, like taking the number of people who saw the Bing homepage this year and then wrapping them around the earth.

Here's the 2013 Bing infographic in all its glory:

Bing Thinks It Had a Pretty Good 2013

It's hard to endorse infographics that contain terrible puns (see "bing[e]"), but we'll let this one slide in the spirit of the holidays. Not to mention, Bing did bring us that awesome interactive Halloween homepage. They should do it again for Christmas, but with classic Christmas films, like Santa's Slay and Gremlins.

[Image: Bing]

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