Bing Makes Improvements To Conversion Tracking

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Bing announced some new improvements to conversion tracking in Bing Ads aimed at speeding up and simplifying workflow and helping advertisers boost ROI.

The new stuff is in direct response to feedback from advertisers about Universal Event Tracking, which Bing launched nearly a year ago. People found the workflow for setting up UET and conversion tacking confusing and time consuming, so they've decoupled management of UET tags and conversion goals, improved revenue tracking, added inline alerts, and added help popups throughout the user interface.

"Functionality to manage both UET tags and Conversion Goals was previously embedded in Goals and Conversions page under Shared Library," says Bing's Kalyan Nanduru. "There was no way to create a tag without creating a conversion goal or view all the tags created in a centralized manner."

"In this release, we have decoupled UET Tag and Conversion goal management into separate pages, UET Tags and Conversion Goals, respectively," Nanduru adds. "In order to improve discoverability, these two new pages are listed under a new node called Conversion Tracking that has been added to the left menu (at the same level as Shared Library)."

In terms of improved revenue tracking, advertisers now have more control and insight into options for tracking, like so:

The alerts appears as reminders of next steps that appear as you go through the workflow.

To help advertisers improve ROI, they've added support for unique conversions. When you create a conversion goal, there will be two options: all and unique. There are also now account level conversion goals.

Advertisers can now verify if their tags and goals are functional right in the Bing Ads user interface and can now see the number of conversions, revenue, and repeate rate for each conversion goal in the Conversion Goals page.

Nanduru gets into more detail about all of this as well as a few other new features here.

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