Bindi Irwin Wants Teens To Dress Their Age


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Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the late Steve Irwin who was killed in 2006 by a stingray barb, is constantly advocating for something. Whether it be animal rights or human overpopulation, Bindi is known for taking a strong stance on the issues and voicing her opinions.

Now, Bindi has set her sights on a new problem and is hoping to make a change. It is no secret that teenage girls tend to dress more and more provocatively in this day and time. Bindi, who is getting ready to turn 16, is advising young girls to dress their age and stop showing so much skin.

Bindi has been seen, for most of her life, wearing her khaki zoo uniform. However, as she is growing older she is starting to experiment and walk more on the "girly" side.

"I guess for me, because I wear khaki so much — waking up every day at the zoo, you just kind of grab your khaki uniform and you’re pretty much good to go — that when I get out of khaki I like to experiment and see how things go,” Irwin said.

“I suppose the last year or so really I’ve been starting to have some fun and see what I can do with make-up and wardrobe and be a little bit of a girlie girl," she added. “Finding that great line between comfort and looking semi-good is fantastic.”

Although she is dressing more feminine, Bindi says she still wants to dress her age and wants other girls to do the same. “I’m a big advocate for young girls dressing their age,” Bindi said. “I mean, for me, I look around at a lot of young girls that are my age and they’re always trying to dress older. Whether it’s wearing revealing clothes or hardly wearing any clothes at all, I feel really bad for them. It kind of has the opposite effect in some ways ... it kind of does the opposite where it makes you look younger and like you’re trying too hard.”

Bindi has some special advice for young girls.

“I almost wish I could tell young girls, ‘look, in 10 years when you look back at yourself, you’ll cringe honey, honestly’,” she said. “A lot of times I want to grab these girls and say ‘look ... in 10 years you’ll regret this. Just dress like who you are. Don’t try so hard. A pair of jeans and a T-shirt is just as gorgeous and even makes you look classier’."

"I look at adults and they say ‘when I was young I was wearing blue eye shadow’ and I’m cringing," Bindi continued. "So to be able to have that outlook on life is such a blessing and I’ve gotten that from my mum especially. The way I choose to dress, I want to influence other people around me I suppose.”

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