Bindi Irwin: Is She Dating An Older Man?

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Everyone remembers Bindi Irwin as the adorable and adventurous daughter of Steve and Terri Irwin. Bindi is all grown up now and recently celebrated her 16th birthday at the Australia Zoo.

Bindi was just a little girl when her father died, but her mother Terri has always kept a close eye on her and as a result, Bindi always seemed very mature and level-headed for her age.

Bindi celebrated her birthday party with friends and family at the zoo, but in the midst of the celebration, rumors that she is dating an older man have started swirling.

The rumors suggest that Bindi is dating a 24-year-old man named Luke Reavley. Reavely is actually employed by the Irwin family as their executive assistant and has spent a lot of time with Bindi.

Bindi and Luke recently attended an annual music festival called Splendour in the Grass and Bindi has also been posting photos of herself and Luke on Instagram.

In spite of the fact that Bindi and Luke seem to spend a lot of time together, people who are close to them say that the thought of them dating is ridiculous and that they are just good friends. One source suggested that Luke was more like an older brother to Bindi and that he is very protective of her and keeps a close eye on her for her mother.

“He was being very protective towards her and looked at her with such adoration,” said a source who saw Bindi and Luke together at the music festival.

A representative from the Australia Zoo said that the notion of the two being anything other than friends was “absolute nonsense.”

Terri Irwin doesn't seem like the type to let her daughter date older men, in fact, it's not clear if Bindi is even allowed to date at all.

Bindi may have a crush on Raevely or the two friends may just enjoy each other's company in a completely non-romantic way.

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