Bill O'Reilly Divorce May Involve the Catholic Church

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Bill O'Reilly is best known as Fox News' headlining prime time pundit and isn't a stranger to controversy (loofah, anyone?). Though individuals may disagree with his politics or views about the world, it's clear that O'Reilly is a passionate man. Over the years he has demonstrated his passion about his politics, his religion, his ignorance of physics, and doing it live.

It serves to reason that O'Reilly is equally passionate about marriage, and, now, is very passionately involved in a post-divorce custody battle.

Gawker this week reported that O'Reilly and Maureen McPhilmy divorced in 2011, but that the pundit couldn't let go. He allegedly tried to get the Nassau County Police Department to begin an internal affairs investigation into his ex-wife's new boyfriend, who was a Nassau County detective. There are also allegations that O'Reilly hired the couple's court-appointed "neutral therapist" to be nanny for the couple's two children, who are part of a shared custody arrangement.

Beyond these alleged infractions, the report also states that the couple's battle has been taken up by the Catholic Church. McPhilmy is reported to have received a formal reprimand from the church, stating her divorce and second marriage preclude her from receiving the sacrement of communion. O'Reilly is reported by Gawker to be seeking an annulment of the couple's marriage, which would invalidate the marriage in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

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