Bill Murray Imitating Crying Baby Wins The Internet

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Let's face it. Bill Murray is more awesome than you, me, your friends, my friends, our families. He more awesome than Garfield and Ghostbusters 3. Just ask Dan Aykroyd about that. Anyway, Murray's commitment to being awesome (and succeeding at it) was again confirmed today by the great Reasons My Son Is Crying Tumblr blog.

The reason for this particular round of tears from his son? Meeting Bill Murray. Not be outdone by a crying baby, Bill Murray did what any awesome Bill Murray would do: he simply won the day:

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There's not much for me to add after that, but I will offer this as a way of demonstrating the image's popularity: It has almost 10,000 notes attached to it, which, in Tumblr land means reblogs and likes. And now, the fantastic image has crossed over into full-blown viral territory, which is where it belongs. Something that awesome should be seen by as many people as possible.

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