Bigfoot Tracker Apprehended by Government Officials

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One man was fined by two park rangers in February after he led a group of 31 people to trespass on to government land.

What makes the incident so peculiar is the reason behind the trek; the hikers were not looking for birds or flowers on this particular excursion -- they were looking for proof of the existence of Bigfoot.

Matt Pruitt was leading members affiliated with The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization who were conducting field work at the Buffalo National River Park in Arkansas.

Pruitt claims that his trespass was a mistake:

“After scouting that location and having been very impressed with the area, I decided to conduct the expedition there. I immediately scoured their website to see if I needed any specific permits or passes to conduct such an effort there. I assumed that I had fully acquainted myself with the necessary information related to the usage rules and regulations of the park. I was wrong, and I paid for that mistake.”

Could the rangers have been sent to prevent Pruitt and his group from finding evidence of Bigfoot's existence? One piece of information that sticks out in my mind is the fact that the rangers kept asking the group if they had filmed any of the area.

Parapsychologist Cal Cooper says the differences between believers and skeptics of the paranormal is their ability to accurately appraise coincidence.

Beliefs are also determined by multiple background factors (i.e. religion, culture, misinterpretation, and personality type).

Do you believe Bigfoot exists? If so, what do you think is the most compelling piece of evidence?

I want to believe.

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