Big Business on Social Media [Infographic]

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Major brands have long recognized the ability of social media to bring in customers. Some are better than others, and some are good at one and lacking in another. Google tops the charts on Twitter, gaining over 4 million followers, but they are not even listed as a top performer on Facebook. Coca-Cola has over 40 million likes on Facebook, but only 497,000 followers on Twitter.

We are seeing a steady rise in the number of Fortune 500 companies with active Twitter and Facebook accounts. Companies that depend on a friendly public image to stay afloat do the best. We see the largest number of accounts from these kinds of brands: retail and food brands, along with insurance.

One surprising statistic is the low number of brands that have active corporate blogs. Only 23% of Fortune 500 companies have a corporate blog, while the fastest growing companies over the past few years have had double those numbers. Experts are seeing a real correlation between corporate blogs and positive perception of a company. See our post Marketing on Social Media for more information on this.

Fortune 500 Social Media Statistics
Infographic by- Web DesignCompany

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