"Big Bang Theory" Finale To Include Cliffhanger

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"Big Bang Theory" is about to wrap up its latest season tonight, and actor Simon Helberg--who plays Howard--says fans shouldn't expect anything to be wrapped up in a neat little package.

"This time, the adventure is for Leonard," Helberg said, referring to the character played by Johnny Galecki. "Howard finds Stephen Hawking's crew is sending out an expedition to the North Sea, and he gets Leonard a job, going on a boat for four months."

The problem is that Leonard and his girlfriend Penny have just hit a sweet spot in their relationship, and now he will be forced to choose between his dream and his dream girl.

The show has earned major viewership in the past couple of seasons, becoming popular even with all the science-speak the characters use. Perhaps it's the relatable way they have about them that draws viewers in, as they are all still struggling with the same problems the rest of us do despite having genius IQ's.

"I think we're all having a good time," Helberg said. "And I think the show is far from being stale. It is kind of constantly — not reinventing itself — but just expanding on these characters. So, yeah, I think we're going strong for now, as long as people keep inviting us in."

Amanda Crum
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