Bieber Hamster Dies While in Fan's Care

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Last December, pop star Justin Bieber gave his pet hamster, Pac, to a grateful fan in Atlanta. This week, that fan sadly announced that Pac the hamster has died.

Tori McClure, the girl who received the hamster, tweeted out this week that Pac "probably won't make it much longer." Though some Bieber fans are rudely accusing McClure of not taking care of the small mammal, hamsters, depending on the type, don't live long lives. Most do not live longer than three years.

TMZ spoke with McClure, who told the publication that Pac has been buried in her backyard.

Justin Bieber himself has not yet responded to McClure via Twitter and hasn't yet acknowledged the rodent's death. The pop star is currently touring in Europe, where rumors of his "diva-like" behavior led to a long Twitter rant in which Bieber lashed out against "fake stories" and "rumors." The star also recently cancelled his second scheduled concert in Portugal, citing "logistical issues" with local unions.

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