Beyond: Two Souls Wants You To Know It's Not Like Heavy Rain

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Quantic Dream's first game for the PS3 - Heavy Rain - wasn't exactly a game. It was more of an interactive film where the player made decisions and watched those decisions play out over the course of the story. It was definitely interesting and sold well enough to warrant a second game just like it.

Ah, but that's where Quantic Dream says I'm wrong. CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere recently gave an interview where he says that Beyond: Two Souls is dissimilar to Heavy Rain in a number ways. Sure, it's an interactive drama, but there's more gameplay this time around. Another difference is that Beyond: Two Souls focuses on a single character whereas Heavy Rain focused on four separate, but interweaving, character plots.

Those may sound like minor differences, but Quantic Dream assures players that it's latest title is radically different. If you were put off by Heavy Rain and its QTE-heavy gameplay, you might just find Beyond: Two Souls to be more palatable.

Despite the above differences, Beyond: Two Souls is still going to primarily be an interactive story. It's not your traditional game where players are given a clear objective and the gameplay is designed around reaching that objective. Instead, players will be asked to take a backseat to the story while only being offered minimal gameplay options to affect the outcome of said story.

Beyond: Two Souls is definitely something different compared to most games available today, but it's not going to be everybody's cup of tea. If it does sound like something you'd like, you can pick up Beyond: Two Souls on October 8 when it launches exclusively for the PS3.

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