Beyoncé's Surprise Album A Global Number One Hit


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For about a year, critics and fans alike have been after singer Beyoncé for her lack of new music. Her decision to go on tour without releasing a new album caused a minor scandal. There was a leaked or featured song here and there, but it made her camp seem disorganized and unsure of what to do. No one knew what to make of Beyoncé's actions or of her plans. It turns out this is what Mrs. Carter wanted all along.

The bombshell that came on Friday in the early hours signaled a very personal statement: She was a grown woman, and she could drop an album whenever and however she wanted. Clearly Beyoncé knows better than the rest of us as the signs are pointing to a wildly successful endeavor. The album boasts fourteen tracks and seventeen videos. It may also be one of the most complete and thematic projects of the entire year.

Within the first few hours of release, her self-titled album had already sold 80,000 copies. It is a number that was on the heels of the first week of sales enjoyed by Britney Spears' "Britney Jean".

Presently Itunes ranks Beyoncé's album as number one in over one hundred countries. It's also anticipated that when the dust settles, she will enjoy a debut at number one on the Billboard charts. That and the last laugh.

After all, this has been the year of "hype". The year of accidental-not-so-accidental leaks. The year where so many pop artists couldn't trust their fans to make up their own mind about the music or count on them to show up and spend money. It seemed that pop star power was judged by who had wore the best outfit, had the biggest scandal, and the most outspoken opinions on everything other than music.

When an artist can simply drop an album in the middle of the night without warning and go to the top of the charts within hours, that's pretty much needs to be said regarding their selling power.

The album was a surprise. But the impending success? Perhaps we should have seen that coming.

Image: Beyoncé's Facebook