Beyonce Instagram Controversy: Pretty Hurts?

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The beauty standards are always shifting to be impossible to meet. Anything to get desperate and insecure women to shell out the cash to fail to meet them.

If it isn't boobs too small or thighs too big, it's some other physical beauty demand crushing the souls of millions of women and girls.

As Beyonce herself once sang, "Perfection is a disease of a nation."

Now some fans are afraid that the R&B/Pop diva is herself infected by that very disease.

The singer is embroiled in a new controversy over Instagram photos that were uploaded to her account.

The new photos featured Beyonce playing golf. One photo in particular is viewed as especially suspicious to observers. In the image, you can see that Beyonce has a relatively huge thigh gap.

The "thigh gap" is all the rage among ultra-body conscious youngsters today. It's not unusual to see girls uploading images to Istagram or Tumblr that "celebrate" the fact that their thighs don't touch.

Some women and teens have even taken to faking the gap with image editing.

Whoever it is that runs Beyonce's Istagram account and posts photos is accused of having done this for a few reasons:

1.) The abnomal bump on the right thigh. Photoshoppers know that if you don't take special care when using the Smudge tool, what you'll get is lumps and bumps.

2,) Right hip blends into background TOO well. Some look at the green line that is visible along the outside of Beyonce's right hip in the picture and see it as proof of Photoshop. The hip is seen as too smooth, almost as if it were carefully shaped.

3.) Where's the green's edge? This could be a matter of lighting, but some fans and onlookers note that the edge of the green is not too visible where her thigh gap is.

It's very possible that there was no editing and that this is just a bizarre coincidence. If the image really was edited in such a way, it's rather unfortunate.

Beyonce isn't who she is because of a thigh gap; she will still be seen as beautiful regardless of whether or not she has one.

Women have enough social pressure hurled at them without seeing women they admire being treated in such a way.

This should fuel conversation about the "thigh gap" and why it's such an unhealthy obsession for a generation of young women. If it gets women to open up about and acknowledge chasing ridiculous beauty standards, perhaps it can be said some good came of the controversy.

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