Beyonce Halftime Show: She Broke The Super Bowl

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Beyonce appears to have won over quite a few of the haters who were complaining about her lip-synching scandal at the inauguration with the insanely energetic, sweat-filled workout she gave us at the Super Bowl's halftime show; Twitter and Facebook are teeming with posts about the performance, which has apparently sucked all the energy from the Superdome.

Perhaps it was the huge screens filled with images of multiple Beyonces, or the skin-tight outfit she was rocking, or the sudden appearance of Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams onstage despite rumors that they wouldn't be able to appear for the much-touted reunion, or the band full of lovely ladies, one of whom was playing a guitar that shot sparks from both ends...any one of those things could have easily caused a power outage. Of course, as soon as the lights went down, the internet lit up with comments, jokes, complaints, and speculation. Something this big happening at one of the biggest events of the year is bound to get people talking, and as fans start to squirm in their seats after nearly a half-hour of downtime, let's check in to see what everyone's saying.

Even the stadium lights are getting blown out by the Ravens. #SuperBowl #blackout

— Rory Albanese (@RoryAlbanese) February 4, 2013


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